NEWaukee’s latest event shined a spotlight on North Shore Bank’s Community Engagement Managers, a new role within the bank that was co-created with the guidance of NEWaukee. 

Since the start of 2020, NEWaukee has worked with North Shore Bank’s Community Engagement Managers to activate major sponsorships, nurture key community relationships, and even produce high profile events in their communities, such as Kenosha’s Welcome Party and Milwaukee’s Southside Dining Week

Often found in companies with a strong social mission, a Community Engagement Manager (CEM) works with the general public to build relationships for brand awareness, customer acquisition, and other initiatives.

Some of the key elements of North Shore Bank’s Community Engagement Manager role include: 

  1. True Connection – “What brings value to our community and to our bank is when we can get to know our neighbors on a personal level…To do that, we have to know who you are first,” Craig Witz, Vice President, Branch Sales Manager says. 
  2. PlanningAlfredo Martin, a CEM, says that the job “…requires a lot of planning…not just for the next day or the following week, but 2-3 months down the road.”
  3. Innovation – “Innovation is certainly the key word. It’s about us finding new ways to better serve our communities,” Alfredo Martin points out. 
  4. Goal-Setting – CEM Shannon Weber says that setting goals and being adaptable to those goals based on community need is crucial: “We’re going to set goals for ourselves and they’re going to change based on our needs and the needs of people who we’re working with.”
  5. Creating Stronger Relationships – “I don’t wait until an event to reach out to someone…Why not reach out to them all year long? That’s really built some good relationships,” Shannon Weber says. Craig Witz agrees, stating that the relationships shouldn’t be transactional, but rather about building long-term partnerships.

Ultimately, North Shore Bank has learned how to leverage Community Engagement Managers in a way to improve their communities – and their brand. 

One event participant said, “It’s really great to see a bank think and act like this. It feels good knowing North Shore Bank is here for more than a place to put your money.”

Interested in attending one of North Shore Bank’s “You Can Happy Hour” or “Welcome Party” events? You can connect with and visit North Shore Bank online to see upcoming events and other updates. Follow along on YouTube, socials (@northshorebank), and their website.

For more information on what NEWaukee’s Community Engagement Manager training and development looks like, click here. Interested in working with us to create a CEM role within your organization? Connect with us at

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