Often found in companies with a strong social mission, a Community Engagement Manager works with the general public to build relationships for brand awareness, customer acquisition and other initiatives.

NEWaukee is excited to offer Community Engagement Manager training services to provide your employees with strong professional development and tactical resources they can take into their roles. This training is specifically designed for teams who are looking to augment their existing customer acquisition strategies. We’ll help you create connection points between your marketing and community engagement plans to better your results with lead generation, earned media and more.

What’s Included:

  • Full-Day Orientation
  • 4-Part Intensive Community Building Course
  • 45-Day Follow-Ups for Reviews & Feedback
  • Workbooks, Templates, and Scorecards
  • Pre- and Post-Training Surveys


Full-Day Orientation & 4-Part Intensive:

Prior to the orientation, NEWaukee will work with you to co-write the Community Engagement Manager job description for your organization to help identify key candidates for the position (whether internal or external).

NEWaukee’s Community Engagement Manager Kick-Off Orientation and 4-Part Intensive Course covers topics including:

  • Asset Mapping: Exploring Your Community & Market Research
  • Customer Discovery: Understanding Your Target Demographic
  • Personal Networking: Building Your Network & Nurturing Relationships
  • Prototyping Your Community Engagement Plan:  Setting Expectations, Goals and Metrics
  • Storytelling 101: Documenting Your Journey & Your Customer’s Successes
  • Board & Committee Readiness 101: Giving Back as a Brand Ambassador

Training workbooks, templates, and scorecards for goal-setting and tracking are provided. The new Community Engagement Managers are asked to complete pre- and post-training surveys to track their professional growth.


45-Day Follow-Ups for Reviews & Feedback

Following the 4-Part Intensive, NEWaukee will set a regular cadence for the Community Engagement Manager(s) to reconnect, review their community engagement plans, gather feedback with appropriate teams (marketing, sales, etc.) on progress, and receive additional training or support.


Interested in learning more? Contact angela@newaukee.com for more information.  


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