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The Intersection of People and Place

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NEWaukee is a social architecture agency that designs memorable experiences that connect the people, places and companies within a city.

Feeling lonely? You’re not alone. Today, one in four people report feeling socially isolated. Our in-person experiences build an inclusive community and create a sense of belonging in all areas of your life: social, civic and professional. In other words, we give you things to do all year round in Milwaukee and beyond.

Want to work with us? For over ten years, NEWaukee has mastered engagement strategies for companies and organizations to develop community. We offer customizable business services and sponsorship opportunities to engage your current and future talent.

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Reinventing Your Career Path to Have Your Best Year Ever

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MKE Food School | Meat on the Street

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The Shift

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Experiences That Matter

We host hundreds of unique events every year, many of which are free for the public to attend. The audience, content and venues vary to ensure the whole community feels welcome. Events include community involvement projects, city bus tours, professional development workshops, social food and drink experiences, festivals like the Night Market and Urban Island Beach Party, and more.

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Connecting Talent to Opportunity

We’ve spent the last decade integrating into the very fabric of Milwaukee’s culture. Our events, along with our signature job network, provide a platform to engage and hire the best and brightest professionals, statewide. In other words, we know highly skilled and in-demand talent personally. And just as importantly, they know us.

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Applying NEWaukee’s Methods

We have experience in employer branding, experiential recruiting, talent engagement and creative placemaking. We will work with you to reimagine your next project, or to host a talk, workshop or strategic planning session. Our team of experts will turn your event idea into a signature experience.

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