The rapid rise of AI technologies continues to inspire strong public reactions – leaving people feeling excited, amazed, anxious, or even afraid. As we explore these new, ever-evolving AI tools, we believe it’s important to approach them with curiosity about the ways in which they could strengthen our communities.

Why Now?

While AI has been around for a while, several advancements have made AI tools much higher performing and much more accessible to the average user, which has led to an “AI boom.” 

Breakthroughs in machine learning algorithms, better hardware, much larger sets of higher quality data, and a ton of investment in the space all came together to create the AI boom that’s happening now.

Common AI Fears and How to Combat Them

While fears around AI are completely legitimate, there are valid uses of AI that can assuage any concerns or anxieties that are feeling overwhelming. The following are common AI fears and their counterpoints: 

  • AI is going to eliminate jobs & increase unemployment. 
    • Disruption ≠ Dissolution: While AI will change or eliminate certain jobs, it will also likely create jobs as well. There was fear and uneasiness around computers and the internet as well, even though they ended up creating hundreds of types of jobs. 
  • AI will compromise data, IP, and more.
    • Artificial Intelligence ≠ Emotional Intelligence – AI mimics human input but does not possess consciousness. Real-world scenarios require a holistic human approach. The human aspect of your community will not disappear as long as you stay embedded within it. 
  • AI will be used for harmful purposes and/or become sentient and uncontrollable.
    • Using AI ≠ License to Act Unethically– As lawmakers and companies work to address privacy concerns via policy, it’s important to be very critical about how you are using AI and whether it could be unethical. It’s up to the individual to make sure you are using (or not using) AI in a responsible manner. 
Our AI Tool Suggestion List for Your Communities

The following is a comprehensive list of some of the AI tools you can use to maintain, support, and build your communities in a way that allows AI to work for you and not against you. Want to learn more about these AI tools and how to use them? Check out our latest online event HERE


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Photo Editing

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Video & Podcast Editing


Data Management


Note Taking & Meeting Recording

Time and Schedule Management

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