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NEWaukee began in 2009 by a group of friends hosting bi-weekly gatherings for people new to the city of Milwaukee. Encouraged to create larger and larger experiences, they began hosting engaging events that showcased the city and drew audiences of thousands. 

Companies took notice and started asking how NEWaukee could help them build that same sense of belonging for their brands. 

Over the past decade, we’ve applied our three-step process of social architecture to help brands build transformational experiences, attract and engage key audiences, and more meaningfully tell their stories.

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The NEWaukee Team

Angela Damiani

CEO & Co-Founder

Jeremy Fojut

CIO & Co-Founder

Nicole Behnke

Client Experience Director

Rita DeMerit

Events Director

Wyatt Tinder

Communications & Design Director

Lauryn Deck

Business Development Lead

Amanda Daering

CEO at newance

Michael Marten

Lead Photographer & Videographer


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