Sargento Foods Inc.

Bringing People Together with Small Bites


Sargento was facing challenges to attract new potential candidates, increase brand awareness, and expand their network to new markets.


After reviewing challenges and opportunities, NEWaukee recommended that Sargento lean into what they know best, cheese and company culture, to create an event that would bring together the people of Wisconsin, possible job seekers, and attract new consumers.



NEWaukee created Small Bites, a recurring culinary experience to highlight the talent, products, and culture at Sargento. Small Bites is an interactive evening with employees and the community, having fun while learning about cheese.


The event was a success! Small Bites had 129 attendees from across the nation, ranking in the top 4% of Newaukee’s virtual events for 2020-21. There were over 20,000 impressions on social media, 25 new followers, and six people who joined Sargento’s talent community. 

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