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Revival Community

A Community of Leaders in Engagement

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NEWaukee’s Revival Community is for the forward-thinkers, disruptors and changemakers who are trailblazing NEW methods to engage people. We’re about helping people grow as a network of innovators trying creative solutions to engage their talent.

The Revival Community will feature ongoing programs, peer exchange, collaborative workshops, cutting-edge content, and a community manager to connect our members and build belonging.

Join the Revival

Our Common Goal

We know that change happens always and in all ways – and our world certainly looks very different today. We believe it is our role to create meaningful change that will build community and engagement within our organizations. And working together, we can do just that.

The change we’re looking for within our organizations is not going to happen if we default to what we’ve done in the past or hang on to what “normal” used to look like.

It’s going to take a Revival.


Who Should Join:

We want our community to be a place where we can geek out about engagement and share ideas we might not be able to talk about in other circles. This includes:

  • Senior-level corporate professionals charged with building and maintaining culture

Because we want this community to be as relevant and valuable as possible to those within it, NEWaukee’s Revival Community is by referral or nomination only.

Those afraid to rock the boat and comfortable with the status quo need not apply.

How to Join

Join the Revival

Step 1: Nominate yourself or a peer today. It takes just a couple minutes!

Step 2: We’ll send a brief assessment to get to know you a little better.

Step 3: Once you’re approved, we’ll introduce you to the community and set you up to meet with other members that we think will help you grow.

Step 4: Stay active in the community with relevant, interesting content and inspiration, plus invites to ongoing programs, meetups and workshops.

Join the Revival

What our Community Members Say:

Aaron Rindt
Manager – Community, Culture & Employee Engagement
ETE Reman

“The Revival Community has been a space to not only collaborate on specific topics related to our professional roles, but to also connect with a special group of humans that genuinely CARE. Care about doing the right thing and how that can make a positive impact in all areas of life. The ability to have a voice among so many talented professionals is really exciting. I look forward to the continued joy that all of our sessions (and smaller group chats – Lucas and Nick!) bring to my day. The encouragement to make our respective communities a better place is incredible! Thank you to my fellow Revival Community members!”