A Civic Podcast that Explores the Intersection of People & Place

During each episode of Urban Spaceship, we will dive into interesting stories from advocates, entrepreneurs, developers, planners, designers, artists, architects, and placemakers to discover their innovative approaches to building community and places as beacons of belonging.

Urban Spaceship is hosted by NEWaukee Co-Founder Jeremy Fojut, Urbanism Enthusiast and Amateur Demographer Michael Bradley, and Real Estate Developer and Lover of Cities Montavius Jones.

On this episode of Urban Spaceship, we talk with THINK.urban founder Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman about urban anthropology and what it means to be a professional people watcher.

In this episode, we also discuss Pandemic Pods and the future of microschools, Elon Musk’s underground care tube in Las Vegas and our deep data dive tackles new national research around home sales pricing.

For more information about THINK.urban, visit: http://thinkurban.org/



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