A Civic Podcast that Explores the Intersection of People & Place

During each episode of Urban Spaceship, we will dive into interesting stories from advocates, entrepreneurs, developers, planners, designers, artists, architects, and placemakers to discover their innovative approaches to building community and places as beacons of belonging.

Urban Spaceship is hosted by NEWaukee Co-Founder Jeremy Fojut and Urbanism Enthusiast and Amateur Demographer Michael Bradley.

On this episode of Urban Spaceship, we talk to Michael Hendrix about Google Sidewalk Labs rise and fall in Toronto and ‘Active Streets’ across the country.

The Urban Spaceship team also discusses the defund the police movement and infrastructure being built for a climate that is already gone.

In our deep data dive section, co-host Michael Bradley analyzes the Brown University website on segregation in American called, “Diversity & Disparities.”

This episode features special guest Michael Hendrix, Director of State and Local Policy at the Manhattan Institute.



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