A Civic Podcast that Explores the Intersection of People & Place

During each episode of Urban Spaceship, we will dive into interesting stories from advocates, entrepreneurs, developers, planners, designers, artists, architects, and placemakers to discover their innovative approaches to building community and places as beacons of belonging.

Urban Spaceship is hosted by NEWaukee Co-Founder Jeremy Fojut and Urbanism Enthusiast and Amateur Demographer Michael Bradley.

On this episode of Urban Spaceship, we talk about Urban3’s unique approach to land value economics, property and retail tax analysis and community design. We dive into their work that makes a quantifiable case for better city planning, urban design and smarter growth.

The Urban Spaceship team also discusses the drumbeat of post-pandemic migration from cities, the new frontier for talent attraction and the Feds Seeking Incentives to Encourage Driving.

The census creates annual population estimates for cities and towns. Each year, the census releases new population estimates for every city & town over 50,000. Michael takes a deep dive into the numbers.

This episode features special guest Joe Minicozzi, Principle at Urban3.



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