West Wisconsin Avenue Cooridor

Lighting Up a Forgotten Avenue


West Wisconsin Avenue was long seen as an unwelcoming, unsafe corridor only used by people commuting in and out of the city before and after work. The perception of West Wisconsin Avenue needed to become more positive to attract new business, investment, development, and people to the area.


During a series of meetings with key stakeholders in the area, we concluded that community members and positive attention will come to the area if local businesses and family-friendly activities are brought to West Wisconsin Avenue in the evening.



NEWaukee created the Night Market in 2014 to showcase local businesses, makers, and artists and activate the corridor in the evenings, when the area would typically be empty.


Since its first year, the Night Market has become one of the most popular, diverse, and largest festivals in Milwaukee attracting thousands of attendees from all backgrounds each night, garnering hundreds of media stories, and resulting in millions of dollars in economic impact. The sustained, positive attention to the area attracted several businesses and spurred large development projects directly adjacent to the festival footprint.

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