Newance Partners With Predictive Index To Help Companies Rebound Faster

May 4, 2020 – MILWAUKEE  – Newance, a talent consultancy specializing in highly skilled talent attraction and retention, today announced its partnership with Predictive Index, a talent optimization platform. The partnership gives Newance the ability to provide an ongoing scientifically validated tool for clients to manage hiring and inspire their existing teams.

“What’s always set Newance apart is our focus on creating lasting high performance teams,” said Amanda Daering, CEO of Newance. “By partnering with Predictive Index we’re adding another layer of insight into a leader’s most critical and difficult talent decisions to ensure they have the right team with the skills and motivation required to bounce back quickly.”  

The Economic Policy Institute analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 10.4% of private sector jobs in Wisconsin will be lost as a result of COVID-19. 

This economic hardship compounded with the $4,125 average cost of hiring a new employee and added expenditures for salary and retention mean that companies looking to pivot and bounce back quickly must invest wisely.

Newance’s existing partnership with NEWaukee grants the company exclusive access to a refined talent pool and its new partnership with Predictive Index now adds a science-backed layer to further assess and engage top talent.


When companies work with Newance and choose to activate Predictive Index reporting, each candidate or employee will take a brief assessment that provides insights into that individual’s motivations, communication styles and even pace of work.

Those insights are then combined with company specific business strategies and targets to provide leaders with a view into job fit, team styles, management perspectives, alignment and even company wide engagement scores.

Having been validated extensively in over 350 scientific studies, the Predictive Index was selected after an exhaustive search of potential partners. 

  • Self-Awareness and Motivational Drivers 
    • Outline how to create to optimal work environment for the new hire
    • How much independence or guidance a candidate needs to succeed 
    • How to best manage the new hire in a way that will pique interests and motivations
  • Communication Style Assessment To Measure The Following Traits:
    • Dominance
    • Extraversion 
    • Patience
    • Formality
  • Guide for candidates to understand which traits to amplify or temper in order to succeed within the team at their new company

“Finding a candidate with the skill set needed to perform the required functions of a job is only the first step,” Daering said. “With limited budgets and less potential for face-to-face interaction, making a hire that’s the right culture fit is more important than ever.  We can now combine our expertise with a tool that our clients can use for hard data on an ongoing basis. Our clients have a map on how to attract the right talent and, perhaps more importantly, how to inspire performance.”


Newance focuses on attraction, performance & career planning for smart people solving interesting problems. We solve talent challenges for growing and changing companies from early stage to venture and private equity across the US. Through our partners in NEWaukee, we offer an experience-based approach and unparalleled community access to our clients and candidates.  More info:

The Predictive Index (PI) is an award-winning talent optimization platform that aligns business strategy with people strategy for optimal business results. Sixty years of proven science, software, and a robust curriculum of workshops make PI the solution for any company looking to design great teams and culture, make objective hiring decisions, and inspire greatness in their people anywhere in the world. More than 8,000 clients and 150+ partners use PI—including Nissan, Citizens Bank, DocuSign, Subway, 47 Brand, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Omni Hotels—across 140+ countries. More info:


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