What is your job and it’s responsibilities?
Upon moving to Milwaukee, I began working in Talent Administration with C2 Graphics Productivity Solutions, a locally owned creative talent and training agency in the Third Ward. My responsibilities include managing all of our account coordination and communications for our creative talent placement network, working directly with all of our clients to ensure their design, development and marketing teams are well-equipped with the talent resources they need. Additionally, outside of work I volunteer as a writer and social strategist for area organizations and non-profits, and also serve as a member, volunteer and/or board member for several local groups, including NEWaukee, MIMA, United Adworkers, BMA and Ad2MKE.

How long have you lived in Milwaukee and what brought you here?
Although I grew up in the greater Milwaukee suburbs, I officially became a resident of this stellar city just this past October after a 9-year stretch in Madison. While I loved my time there, I could hardly ever call myself a true Madison local as I was constantly cruising back to MKE at every waking chance I could get. Something about this city just spoke to me. So last fall when a wonderful opportunity presented itself, I up and quit my fantastic job to pursue a life with the city I love, and I haven’t looked back since.

What is your favorite Milwaukee event?
Being a locavore by nature, I frequently play tourist in my own backyard. I love everything Milwaukee has to offer when it comes to the abundance and diversity of our local events! There is literally something for everyone and we are fortunate to never lack in some fun to be had. If I had to narrow down a favorite, it would be the Lakefront Festival of the Arts. Milwaukee is blessed to have such a global masterpiece as a focal point of our city, and LFOA does such a fantastic job at drawing visitors to the museum while also highlighting other local and national artists, plus the welcome addition of cocktails and live music. Some other favorites include the Brady Street Festival, YP Week (the best ever!), and any local event that is focused on entirely on food J.

Is there an issue you believe all Milwaukeeans should turn attention to?
As cultured and progressive as Milwaukee is in many regards, the one unavoidable issue where this city has fallen so far behind is our continued struggle with segregation. It is of such a shock and awe that in 2014 we still have to address this issue. And in Milwaukee, we need not only address it, but band together as a community to confront it head on. The fact that we, the largest city in the state that is known for hospitality and kindness, are the single most racially segregated city in the country, is terribly disheartening. But rather than focusing on the detriment of the facts, our generation has the opportunity presented to unite and find a solution. A great place to start is through the Greater Together campaign that kicked off this summer, creating a tangible movement for change. To learn more or get involved, visit www.greatertogether.me. #shamelessplug

What is your favorite Milwaukee tradition?
One word: brunch.

What do you think of Milwaukee as a place to socialize and play?
I may be biased due to my brazen devotion to this city, but Milwaukee is by far one of the best places to have some fun. That is, unless you don’t like music, cocktails, festivals, art, beaches, or food – then you can have your fun elsewhere. This city has such vibrancy about it, largely due to the fact that people from Milwaukee really, truly love Milwaukee. We are very fortunate to live in such a remarkable place with endless options for socializing and learning and contributing and growing – my hope is that the young Milwaukee community takes full advantage of everything there is to offer, but also invests the time and effort required to continue marching the city forward and help it continue to grow as the beautiful place we call home.


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