What is your job and its responsibilities?
I currently am the Marketing Strategy Manager for our in-house Agency Team at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Essentially, it’s my job to come up with creative print, digital and social campaigns for both internal and external clients, and then work with our amazing creative team of designers, copywriters and strategists to make the magic happen. We juggle some pretty challenging timelines, but I work with a team of talented people – so that makes the job rewarding.

What is your favorite Milwaukee event?
More like event(s)! I think summer offers the best of everything in Milwaukee. One of my favorite events is Chill on the Hill at Humboldt Park in Bayview on Tuesday evenings. It’s a great time to relax and enjoy time with friends while listening to local musicians. Another opportunity my husband and I try to take advantage of in the summer is the South Shore Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. Walking around with a cup of Anodyne coffee and purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables while taking in the community buzz is truly one of my favorite Milwaukee experiences.

What have you seen in other cities that you’d like to see in Milwaukee?
I love to travel. I’m lucky that I’ve been able to visit other cities across the United States and also in Europe, where my Dad’s family still resides. One of the things that I wish we could do more in Milwaukee is embrace the past. There are only a few areas of the city that still have cobblestones, and they add such character! Some of our oldest buildings could be considered “new” by European standards, yet they are in such disarray. Milwaukee has such beautiful architecture and so much charm, I would hate to see that disappear. Another thing that other cities have is better public transportation, as well as they tend to have strict laws about littering – cities like Antwerp and Amsterdam put a tremendous effort on keeping their streets clean. I would love to see more of an effort to help Milwaukeeans get around our amazing city, but also to keep it beautiful!

Is there an issue you believe all Milwaukeeans should turn our attention to?
I’m actually alarmed at the number of homeless people we have in the city, and I think there needs to be more of an effort to help them. Repairers of the Breach is still is the only day refuge for the homeless in our city. I think about the days this winter when it was truly dangerous to be outside, and the majority of us retreated to the warmth of our homes. But what if you had nowhere to go? How would you stay warm, find food, and even sleep? We absolutely need more daytime homeless shelters, and if every Milwaukeean could donate a little money, food, clothing items to help someone in need – our city would be much better for it.

Favorite place to grab coffee/an after dinner drink?
Milwaukee has an incredible offering of delicious restaurants and interesting coffee shops and bars to choose from – I can’t possibly pick just one! I love the Colectivo locations by the lake and also in Bayview. For a drink, some of the most unique places Milwaukee offers are Bryant’s, The Safe House, Tiki Joe’s or a swanky location like The Yard at the Iron Horse Hotel.

What is the most effective way to implement change in Milwaukee?
We have a pretty powerful resource – a growing force of young professionals committed to change. After attending some of the YP Week events that NEWaukee created, I was extremely impressed with the amount of young people that are truly committed to making a difference. Equipped with smartphones and social media and a strong desire to make Milwaukee a better place, I think this is the group that can make that happen. For example, voting. If you get out and vote – your voice is heard, and you’ve becoming part of a movement for change. Share the fact that you voted via social media, you now have a large audience who knows you voted – can could be compelled to vote themselves. Change happens – one Milwaukeean at a time.


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