What is your job and its responsibilities?
I work as a Technical Consultant on the Software Asset Management team at SoftwareONE. At SoftwareONE, our goal is to bring the value of our Software Portfolio Management Services and expertise to our customers ensuring their IT investments are meeting their business needs.
I’m lucky enough to be in a position to work not only here with our US team, but also lead our global team of technical consultants around the world.

What is your favorite Milwaukee event?
One word, Summerfest. Growing up in Waukesha, Summerfest was one of the first BIG attractions that drew me to Milwaukee. The idea of people coming from all walks of life from every corner of the world to experience different food, beverages and cultures is amazing to me; and of course getting to listen to some great music is certainly a bonus. Living in the Third Ward lets me experience the true “Summerfest Experience” which is getting to go listen to music with a million of your closest friends.

What is your favorite Milwaukee beer?
With so many to choose from, this probably has to be one of the more challenging questions for any beer connoisseur of Milwaukee to comment on. But if I had to have a beer that’s going to be around all year round and delicious, I’d have to pick Lakefront’s IPA. I remember when I first moved to Milwaukee taking the tour with 5-10 people and the samples seemed unlimited, obviously times have evolved a bit, but no matter how many times I take it, the tour never seems to disappoint.

But honestly when you go with a Milwaukee beer (especially craft), you can’t go wrong.

Favorite little-known fact/secret/hidden gem in Milwaukee?
Milwaukee seems to have so many hidden gems, but for me I think the best hidden secret is the mysterious Lake Emily. Fresh out of college and starting my new job at Northwestern Mutual is when I was introduced to this gem. It was mind boggling to me that this huge historic and iconic building was sitting above a hidden lake. To learn more about one of my favorite Milwaukee watering holes, check out the great story by OnMilwaukee.com on “Urban Spelunking” for the full scoop on Lake Emily.

What is the most effective way to implement change in Milwaukee?
A while back I heard a coworker of mine talking about his Dad when it comes to starting a project. His comment and quote on this really motivated me on a daily basis. He simply said, “Just start.”

Sometimes I feel that a lot of projects or initiatives in today’s world get a bit blown out of proportion, get delayed or just never get going because someone is a bit taken back by just starting the project. Of course major projects need leadership, plans, budget, etc. but it will still take that one courageous leader to just say “I’m starting here.”

What do you think of Milwaukee as a place to socialize and play?
I think that Milwaukee is a unique place to socialize. Milwaukee is a big little city, which lends itself nicely to making people feel welcome no matter where they are from. I have played tour guide with many visitors and they always seem to feel welcome and at ease in Milwaukee. Whether it’s asking for directions, recommendations or just looking for a conversation, I think Milwaukee is one of those places where you walk up to almost anyone and do those things and they wouldn’t bat an eye. Since moving here, I’ve never really had to say to myself “Man, there’s nothing going on this weekend!” There always seems to be somewhere to go, something to see and still to this day I’m finding new things to cross off my to-do list I didn’t know existed. I can still remember to when I first moved to this city and the events that NEWaukee had started to cultivate. They really helped to grow and nurture the idea of what it means to socialize and play in Milwaukee and I am honored I was able to be a part of it.


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