What is your job and it’s responsibilities?
I’m Milwaukee’s bike share program! I have a network of bicycles that can be rented for short quick trips. Riders can take out a bike at any station, pay for it with a credit card or prepaid pass, and return the bike to any other station. Essentially, I connect people to places in Milwaukee.

How long have you lived in Milwaukee and what brought you here?
I’m a new arrival! The Bublr Bikes preview has already begun and I’ll have 10 Bublr Stations running downtown by the end of August. By next year, I hope to reach Walker’s Point, Bay View, King Drive, Brady Street, and the East Side. I couldn’t have hit the ground without support from local bike share believers, so thanks for that!

What strikes you as the most unique thing about Milwaukee?
The sheer number of things to do in Milwaukee is unbelievable. Between the festivals, restaurants, beer gardens, boutiques, theaters, and parks, there’s always something interesting, even kind of odd, happening in the city.

What is your favorite Milwaukee beer?
Fixed Gear.

Is there an issue you believe all Milwaukeeans should turn attention to?
In Milwaukee, transportation options haven’t kept pace with our progress as a city. Let’s say you work in the Third Ward, If you want to run errands on your lunch, you need to consider parking, traffic, distance, time, and cost before you travel. You could walk or take the bus, and risk being late, or circle the block eight times to park your car. Milwaukee needs a handful of viable, easy options to travel quickly from Point A to Point B. I’m part of that solution.

Favorite hidden gem in Milwaukee?
Lakeshore State Park, with prairie plants, a beautiful view of Lake Michigan, and the feeling of being removed from the busy city for a moment. You’ll find the entrance next to Discovery World, near the original bike share demonstration kiosk.


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