A message from Angela Damiani, CEO of NEWaukee 


I am heartbroken and disillusioned beyond words. I keep looking into the faces of my two babies and wondering aloud – what kind of world will you live in? Will it ever truly change? Can we fix what we know is broken and begin anew? 

I feel present to the rigged system that has afforded me a position of power and privilege. It is not enough to shake our heads in grief and assume change will happen without concerted action.  

For years when I’ve been asked what NEWaukee is – I have responded – NEWaukee exists to help you find what you love and change what you don’t about the city. But this wrongly assumes that everyone has the same access, ability and autonomy to make changes about the social ills that persist in our community. And they don’t. 

Like everywhere in this country, the Black and Brown communities of this city have the deck stacked against them. It’s not fair, right, or quite frankly reasonable to keep pretending like everything is fine. 

I know – for those of us who come from a position of power and privilege it may be easy to think – but what more can I do? Aren’t we all facing a pandemic? Aren’t we all facing financial ruin with another economic downturn? 

The point is – you can always choose to do more. 


That Margaret Mead quote keeps coming back to my mind – “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” 

So what will we do next? 

We are committed to creating spaces for everyone to feel welcomed, ideas to be heard and a platform for them to be realized. 

We are continuing to hold conversations that matter and providing access to our local leaders through our free programming. 

We are using our platform to share the ways in which you all may get more informed, stay more involved and leverage your civic duties.

And we are open to doing more, being more, and building a NEW Milwaukee that is inclusively vibrant for all of us who live here. 

Be safe and strong. 


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