What is your job and its responsibilities?
I started my own company called Lizzibeth about a year and a half ago during my quarter life crisis and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. My responsibilities are to stay calm, have fun, git er done oh and accounting, marketing, pr, sales, social media and the list continues. Being a team of one really allows you to wear a whole slue of hats and for a girl who loves her accessories, it is the best job. Lizzibeth offers affordable fashion with a twist by incorporating shopping and events into one. I just opened what I like to call an Eventique (Event Boutique) in the Third Ward (550 E. Menomonee) where you can shop during regular hours and also rent the space out to host events such as bachelorette parties, showers, birthdays, meetings, etc. I also do bridal accessory styling and personal shopping. Really if it has to do with fashion or events, Lizzibeth can make it happen!

What is your favorite Milwaukee event?
Kickstart my heart to Harley Davidson Fest. I have actually never been to the “Fest” part, but the after shock when those Summerfest grounds close and heaven on wheels is released would give anyone the adrenaline and excitement to trade in their Chevy for a shinny new Harley Street Bob. Seeing all of Milwaukee turn into a sea of leather fringe and bedazzled back pocket jeans warms any fashion girl’s heart. Uber can just stay home that night because the plethora of pleather(a) is willing to pick you up and drop you off at the next sports bar turned biker bar (make sure to byoh…bring your own helmet). The best bonus is being sung to sleep by thousands of motorcycles revving their engines throughout the streets of good ol’ Mil-town.

What is your favorite Milwaukee beer?
This question is like asking to pick your favorite child. I would first hesitate and say I like Spotted Cow and Riverwest Stein equally but for different reason. Really in the back of my mind I would be thinking my first child Miller Lite is the clear winner, but I would never want to be that Beer Mom who picks favorites.

What is your favorite Milwaukee tradition?
The Polar Plunge. Never will I ever do it, but just to see these hung over cracker jacks jump into this freezing lake makes Milwaukee the most bad ass (is the A word allowed???) place ever. We laugh in the face of hypothermia and frostbite just to keep up the tradition. Bravo every year to those little bikini and speedo wearing Milwaukeeans!

Favorite place to grab coffee/an after dinner drink?
I am not a coffee drinker so I’ll just skip right to the booze portion of this question. The best and most Milwaukee place to get an after dinner drink is At Random. The moment you walk inside you get transported into your grandparents basement bar flooded with retro holiday décor the most perfect red lighting that everyone has a Rudolph haze until your eyes get adjusted. Frank Sinatra will serenade you to your glittery booth and a binder full of drinks will be tossed onto your table. Their tiki bowl will knock you on your keister and the spiked ice cream drinks make you feel like a kid again.

What is the perfect thing to do in Milwaukee on a Sunday afternoon?
Eat, Eat and Eat all Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Sundays. If you’re like me and cannot sleep past 8am you’re going to have a little grace period to wait for your slacker sleepers to get up so you start your eating fest off by yourself at Einstein’s getting a bagel or two to tide you over until 11ish when you meet your pals at one of the following hot spot brunch places (Blue’s Egg, Benelux, Comet, etc). After downing a bloody Mary and the best combo of sweet and savory breakfast food, you take that all important mid-day nap sesh. After your pick me up snooze you kick yourself back into the real world for some sports watching, lakefront walk or retail therapy shopping. By this time your hangover has subsided and you’re ready to get back to watching a couple hours of Netflix with your most favorite snuggle partner, Papa Johns.

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