What is your job and its responsibilities?
Consultant. Strategist. Administrator…I wear many hats! I manage all aspects of my professional organizing business – Pieces into Place, LLC. After working at Google for 6 years, I chose to pursue my passion for helping people. While using my skills of project management and organizing, I restore order to my clients’ basements, closets & offices. I also help them live and work more efficiently. In addition to coaching clients in the ways of decluttering, I tap into my background in the tech industry by teaching them about online tools and apps that can make their lives easier.

What strikes you as the most unique thing about Milwaukee?
Milwaukee is a great combination of small-town feel with all the opportunities of a big city. There is always something exciting going on, whether it’s a concert in a historical venue, cheering on a local team in packed bars, or indulging in excessive amounts of good food at a festival or hopping restaurant. I appreciate how easy it is to get around (walk, drive or pedal tavern), so I can explore the hidden (and obvious) gems this fun city has to offer.

How does Milwaukee vary from other cities you’ve lived in/visited?
Having lived in NYC and near San Francisco, I appreciate good public transportation, authentic ethnic food, and quality cultural opportunities. Thankfully, Milwaukee can boast having those qualities too! That’s a large part of why I want to live here! The traffic isn’t horrible and there seem to be plenty of parking options. I’d love to see Milwaukee up its game and become a Mid-western leader in initiatives that are environmentally and need I say, “biker-friendly” (by supporting initiatives like Bublr Bikes). On that note, Milwaukee is walkable, which allows for heads to turn up and gaze at a plethora of structures donning beautiful architecture. People are fun and friendly. Not pretentious.

What is the perfect thing to do in Milwaukee on a Sunday afternoon?
In August, I experienced a pretty awesome Sunday Funday: Brunch at Prodigal Gastropub. Hike and nap in Sheridan Park. Live music and drinks at Barnacle Buds. Crazy good pizza at Pizza Man on Downer. I’ll need these late-summer memories to keep me warm this winter!

What is your favorite Milwaukee event?
Hands down: Summerfest! Summerfest has been a great source of pride for the city for decades, as most Milwaukeeans know. I love telling my friends in other states about all the awesome talent coming to Summerfest each year. It’s a testament to the city and the event planners when they’re able to attract the best bands in the business and offer admittance for such a reasonable price.

What is your favorite Milwaukee beer?
Milwaukee Brewing Company’s Outboard Cream Ale is pretty awesome. That’s my go-to draught at the moment. Otherwise, I also enjoy Louie’s Demise (MKE) or a flight of the home brews, whenever I’m given the opportunity.

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