Kelly Farah

Where do you work and what makes your role awesome?

I work at Miller Time Pub and Grill. Being located in the Hilton Milwaukee City Center, we are able to meet so many interesting people from all over. The people make my role awesome.

How long have you lived in MKE & what brought you here?

I’ve lived in MKE for 17 months now. My fiance’s family lives in Cedarburg, so we moved to Wisconsin/MKE to be closer to them.

What is something that is missing from our community that you would love to see implemented?

One thing that is missing from our community is a dog park! We need a place for our furry friends to run and play. There are so many open spaces right now that would make perfect small parks.

What is one word that you would use to describe MKE?


What neighborhood do you live in and why do you love it?

I live in the Third Ward and love the feel of the neighborhood. There are constantly boats going up and down the river, people on pedal taverns, live music and people everywhere. Summer transforms the Third Ward into a lively, friendly environment. I love how walkable the city and neighborhood is.


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