MKE Tech Hub Coalition

Establishing a Cross-Industry STEM Initiative Coalition


Participation in the global Hour of Code initiative was not accessible for all organizations, volunteers and schools in the Milwaukee region. There was also not a strong unifying strategy and regional effort for organizations to work together and quantify results. The MKE Tech Hub Coalition wanted to change this and reached out to NEWaukee to manage the project.


While many organizations were already participating in the global Hour of Code initiative, many of these varying activities were happening in silos. NEWaukee created a united vision and media strategy for the collaboration to ensure the visibility of the initiative was properly harnessed and a greater audience was reached.



NEWaukee created promotional materials, a website and a media strategy for the annual MKE Hour of Code.

NEWaukee leveraged existing relationships with local organizations to involve as many regional companies, nonprofits, higher education and K12 schools as possible in the initiative.

Following the program, NEWaukee published an impact report and follow up press release that highlighted the impact of the program.


In 2018, the first year of the initiative, 20 organizations came together with 192 volunteers to teach 4,741 hours of code to local students.

In 2019, we improved these metrics and expanded to 28 organizations with 251 volunteers who taught over 10,000 hours of code to local students.

The initiative has garnered media attention from multiple outlets and generated thousands of impressions on social media.

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