Why You Should Apply for
Make it in Milwaukee!

(According to a Former Participant)

Our Make it in Milwaukee program presented by Advocate Aurora Health is an all-inclusive, three-day adventure in Milwaukee, WI. College students are given the opportunity to tour the city of Milwaukee and Advocate Aurora Health facilities, make connections with peers and Advocate Aurora Health executives, and interview for their dream job.

Below read why Duan Phan, a 2017 Make it in Milwaukee participant and Software/Report Analyst Intern at Aurora Health Care, thinks you should apply:

Why did you choose to participate?
Honestly, I was looking for internships and was basically applying to anything related to my field of study. I believe I received an email from one of my advisors and went ahead and applied. After being accepted through the initial pre-screening process, the program description was very intriguing and I haven’t experienced an interview process like this before so I wanted to continue. I wasn’t expecting anything and was more so looking forward to the new experience.



Why should others participate?
I believe others should participate and give this program and try because: 1) it’s completely free, everything is paid for so why not. You might land an awesome job that could lead to a potential life-long career and if not, you get to experience 3 days of adventure and experiences you otherwise might not have the chance to on top of meeting a lot of cool people and trying out awesome food. 2) The interview and hiring process is much different from your traditional way of applying for jobs, I believe you do have a better chance of being selected as you get to spend more time with the recruiters and give them a chance to get to know you compared to the traditional way where you just meet for the first time and they have 30mins to decide whether you would be a good fit.

What’s the coolest thing you learned about Milwaukee? Advocate Aurora Health?
I think the coolest thing I learned about Milwaukee is how young the city is and the potential for it to grow. The city itself has been around for a very long time but when I say young, I’m referring to the fact that it has so much potential to become a great place to live and grow your career. A lot of new and already developed businesses are starting to make a foothold here and this is a great time to get in awhile everything is still in development. As for Advocate Aurora Health, one of the coolest things I learned awhile interning for the organization is how willing they are to help you grow and develop your resume and career. The amount of support is overwhelming and they are willing to help you move around within the organization to help find the best role for you and offer a variety of training for you to develop skills in the areas that you wish you were better at or wanting to learn.



What do you love about Milwaukee/Advocate Aurora now that you live and work here?
Again, mainly just how much room and potential there is here in Milwaukee and Advocate Aurora for me to grow as a person and gain experience in my field of study and career. It would be quite difficult to move to a big city like New York and try to start as it’s already so developed and competition would be insane, on top of the cost of living there. But here in Milwaukee, new businesses and even already developed ones are just starting to open up new spots of operation around and in the city that they are constantly looking for talent, especially young talent. Milwaukee itself has tons of activities for you to do, the nightlife is great. It’s hard to be bored living here.

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