Like everyone in our community, I can’t stop thinking about the events that have transpired in our city. The tension is palpable and frightening.

I received an email this morning asking: “What is one action that can be done quickly to help deal with the issues raised during the civil unrest?” My gut reaction to the question was — NOTHING!! There is nothing that can be done QUICKLY to heal the seething wounds that have erupted. It will only be through steadfast and systemic changes made by our WHOLE community that we will become the best and brightest we can possibly be. But even that answer feels trite and privileged.
So here’s what I personally have to offer in the nearest possible term…

Tomorrow evening, join me for an evening of peace, love and light in the center of our downtown for the Night Market from 5-10pm. Let us be together, let us unite toward a greater understanding of one another and let us the hold space for the potential for this city’s greatness.

NEWaukee’s mission is to change the way people connect. I can’t think a better time in our company’s history to fulfill our mission. I hope you, whoever you are, whichever part of this city you come from, feel welcome to join us in this effort.

With hopeful heart,

Angela Damiani
CEO & Co-Founder

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