People know NEWaukee for our signature experiences like the Night Market or the Gallery Night Art Bus. We create new ways for folks to connect to one another and we catalyze the conversion of spaces into places.

In the past we have worked with neighborhoods and business improvement districts to create their own unique signature experiences. These programs are now hosted and orchestrated by the community organization in each location.

Brady Street Spring Art Walk: In 2011, NEWaukee worked with the Brady Street Business Improvement district to design the Spring Art Walk. This retail experience combines live pleinair artistic expressions with street merchants and in-store specials. To learn more about the Spring Art Walk click here.

Silver City International Food & Art Walk: In 2011, NEWaukee worked with Layton Boulevard West Neighbors to create the first International Food & Art Walk. This event pairs music, art, cultural performances and restaurant specials featuring cuisines from seven different countries.

Cesar E. Chavez Farm Project: In 2014, NEWaukee worked with the Cesar E. Chavez Business Improvement District to design and develop the Farm Project. This initiative cultivates the drive as a destination for economic and cultural endeavors that combine an appreciation of the past while celebrating the present for future sustainability and engagement. To learn more about the Farm Project click here.

Havenwoods Chalkboard Session: In 2015, NEWaukee designed and hosted a chalkboard session that brought together key stakeholders in the Havenwoods district. This strategic planning event has led to the retooling of current programs and the creation of new branding opportunities for both residents and business owners.

Urban Spaceship #2: Building Social Infrastructure for Marginalized Communities



Urban Spaceship #1: Displacement through Disinvestment



2020 NEWaukee Night Market Season Canceled