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Creating Brand Affinity for New Candidates


Milwaukee Tool set out to establish themselves as a premier employer in the Milwaukee area to attract interns from around the country. While trends have shifted with more employees working downtown, Milwaukee Tool is located in a nearby suburb.


NEWaukee and Milwaukee Tool wanted to showcase the company’s proximity to downtown in addition to being a great place to start a career.



NEWaukee created a series of intern engagement activities centered around showcasing all that Milwaukee has as a place to start your career.

Milwaukee’s Largest Intern Mixer aimed to connect Milwaukee Tool’s intern cohort with other company’s interns at the beginning of the summer intern season in an interactive networking and community showcase event. The program featured food and beverage from local restaurants, a live DJ, unique community resources, dynamic ice breakers and area executives intended to integrate the new interns to what the city has to offer.

We also showcased the community through an interactive concierge tour. Students shuttled around the city sampling local treats and exploring spots that locals love.


Together, NEWaukee’s programs created a fun environment for over three hundred local interns to meet their peers and start to develop their network. Based on post-event surveys and interviews, interns left with a stronger impression of the city and its opportunities. After attending the programming, the number of interns responding that they were likely to stay in the city of Milwaukee increased by over 5%.

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