NEWaukee, Dohmen Company Foundation and Red Arrow Labs Announce Tournavation for Public Health

A public call for catalytic software solutions that improve the health of Milwaukee’s women and children, fathers, and families

The Dohmen Company Foundation in partnership with NEWaukee, Red Arrow Labs, the City of Milwaukee, and the Milwaukee Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families at United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County today announce a Tournavation calling for catalytic software solutions that improve the health of Milwaukee’s women and children, fathers and families. The most viable, scalable and concrete idea will be developed by a coalition of volunteer IT professionals led by Red Arrow Labs, a Dohmen Company. The software will be gifted to the community as a single, tangible step toward improving the health of Milwaukee residents.

“Philanthropy is changing from a passive process that sits to the side of an organization to one that’s an integrated focus for business. I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish through the Dohmen Company Foundation, but I really wanted to unleash the time and skills of our business to work on some of Milwaukee’s most pressing problems. I believe that organizing innovation talent across our business community could bring incredible power to the task of making our city stronger.” Cynthia LaConte, President, Dohmen Company Foundation.

Tournavation is a crowd-sourced idea generation platform that addresses important issues that face urban communities like Milwaukee. This is the third Tournavation NEWaukee has hosted with the City of Milwaukee, though the topic is new the process remains the same: an open call for inventive solutions to a community challenge, vetting of the strongest ideas, a live presentation of the top 10 ideas and the most viable idea is brought to life.

“Tournavation has shown that there is no shortage of incredible ideas in our community to help address our most complex problems,” said Mayor Tom Barrett. “Through Tournavation, we have created innovative solutions to foreclosures and food security, resulting in the HOME GR/OWN program, as well as temporary art installations that have brought life to new locations. Today, we are back with new partners asking individuals and organizations to answer a big question: What software solution could help improve health outcomes in Milwaukee?”

The Challenge

Milwaukee is Wisconsin’s most populous city and serves as the business, transportation and cultural hub, with the state’s most concentrated health resources. Yet people who live and work in Milwaukee bear the burden of having poorer health outcomes than those living in other parts of the state. And within Milwaukee, there are striking differences in health status by neighborhood and race. In response, there are many programs, services and initiatives working to improve long-term health and well-being for all women and children, fathers and families, especially those at highest risk.

The Tournavation poses the questions: What else will strengthen our efforts for greater community health and well-being? Using basic business principles, how can technology make a strategic difference in improving the health and well-being of all of Milwaukee’s women and children, fathers and families? Can a software solution help support and bolster efforts already underway in new and exciting ways?

“The beauty of the Tournavation is the way it empowers Milwaukeeans to share their opinions and have their voices be heard and made actionable for benefit of the community at large,” explains Angela Damiani, president of NEWaukee. “We are honored to partner with Dohmen Company Foundation and Red Arrow Labs to pilot a new way of public private partnership that serves the community in such an innovative way.”

Tournavation Timeline

September 28th through October 14th – Open Call for Innovative Software Solutions
October 1st – Public Information Session at Dohmen Company
October 6th – Public Information Session at Dohmen Company
October 16th – Top 10 Ideas Announced
October 20th – Live Tournavation at City Hall Rotunda
October 21st – December 1st Volunteer IT Development Team Builds Software
February 9th, 2016 – Ribbon Cutting, Gifting and Launch of Software Solution

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