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Quarantine Kitchen featuring TrueMan McGee

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The MKE Food School is a center for learning, innovation, community-building, and resource-sharing. We’re working with people that grow, harvest, sell, deliver, prepare, eat, write, and talk about food because we want to create the space for an inspired and inclusive conversation around Milwaukee’s community table.

During this time of virtual connection, the MKE Food School is partnering with NEWaukee’s Cloud Café to bring you The Quarantine Kitchen – a series of micro-lessons, sponsored workshops, and online conversations that have been thoughtfully designed for people who love to eat and like to learn. All are welcome. We look forward to seeing you there!

In this session, join Jennifer Bartolotta and Andi Sciacca with TrueMan McGee, the owner of Funky Fresh Spring Rolls!

This event is part of NEWaukee’s Cloud Cafe brought to you by Ginger Lazovik, Shorewest Realtors and North Shore Bank. The Cloud Cafe is an online platform for connectors and creators to find belonging during this time of unprecedented isolation. Sign up for NEWaukee’s newsletter for weekly updates about new events.

About Featured Guest TrueMan McGee

TrueMan McGee
TrueMan McGee is the dynamic owner of Funky Fresh Spring Rolls, a local food business that specializes in non-traditional gourmet spring rolls. TrueMan developed FFSR three years ago, while training clients as a personal trainer. Seeing that clients were in need of healthier options, he created a sweet potato and black bean burrito to rave reviews. That burrito evolved into a spring roll and the rest is history! Funky Fresh currently has a location at the Sherman Phoenix in the heart of the city on 36th and Fond Du Lac. During the pandemic FF changed their business model to selling and delivering frozen rolls to their customers to cook at the comfort of their own homes.

About Hosts Jennifer Bartolotta and Andi Sciacca

Jennifer Bartolotta
Jennifer Bartolotta is President and Founder of Bartolotta & Associates. Bartolotta & Associates helps companies transform connections between their associates and their clients and she is also an accomplished keynote speaker. Previously, employed by the Bartolotta Restaurants as both the Director of Care-a-lotta (the charitable arm of the Bartolotta Restaurants) and as Director of Sales, where she was responsible for managing the Bartolotta sales team who actively promote and sell the “Bartolotta Experience” at their award-winning, fine-dining restaurants and managed properties. Jennifer is also the Founder of Train-2-Gain, which partners with its clients to transform their technically savvy human capital into confident client facing ambassadors for their brands. Prior to moving to Milwaukee in 2002, she held roles in sales and sales management for Cintas in Chicago.

Andi Sciacca
Andi Sciacca works with inspired professionals who are expert practitioners, experienced educators, and well-known contributors to their field. She helps them shape ideas and put theories into practice. Ms. Sciacca’s work is dedicated to creating transformational opportunities for teaching and learning—specializing in curriculum and program development, faculty development and coaching, assessment, accreditation, and the creation of strategic plans that drive overall institutional effectiveness.

Currently ABD in her doctoral research with The European Graduate School, Ms. Sciacca is working on her dissertation under the supervision of EGS dean and professor Dr. Christopher Fynsk. Her area of research includes the relationship between experiential education models (specifically culinary education), virtue ethics, and philosophy. Prior to the EGS, Ms. Sciacca began her graduate work as a City College—CUNY Fellow in the fields of labor studies, literature, and cultural studies. During her time at CUNY, she was also appointed the David Markowitz Poetry Fellowship, the Alice Sellers Fund Prize, the William Bradley Otis Fellowship in American Literature, and an Isaacs Scholarship in classical studies for philosophy and classical languages. Her teaching career included time spent with the City University of New York, the State University of New York, Marist College, The Culinary Institute of America, Bard College, and The Global Center for Advanced Studies. While at The Culinary Institute of America, Ms. Sciacca also served as assistant dean of faculty and instructional development and the founding director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, prior to joining the start-up team focused on launching the CIA’s Food Business School.

Andi Sciacca is based in Milwaukee, WI, where she lives with her husband and their four-legged family. When not working, or writing, she loves to experience music, see the world, and learn new things. Her favorite places to travel include anywhere she can eat good food—and swim.

Quarantine Kitchen featuring TrueMan McGee

05:00PM - 06:00PM

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

TIX: Free


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