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Milwaukee's Hour of Code

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Are you up for the challenge?


NEWaukee and the MKE Tech Hub Coalition are inviting area companies and tech professionals to participate in a regional challenge of teaching an hour of code to local students during Computer Science Week: December 9 – 15, 2019.

Our Goal: Teach at least 5,000 hours across the Milwaukee region.

To participate, simply sign up! Then, host your event(s) during Computer Science Week (December 9-15), report your results, and share across your company and community communications channels. For help planning your Hour of Code, just follow the easy steps highlighted here.

Why is this important?

Technology is transforming every industry on the planet. In 2015, 7 million openings in the U.S. were in occupations—including art and design—that value coding skills. But 60 percent of schools in the U.S. don’t teach computer science. It’s time for us to catch up to the 21st-century. We know that regardless of what our students do when they grow up, whether they go into medicine, business, politics, or the arts, knowing how to build technology will give them confidence and a competitive edge.

Why should we do this together?

When companies and communities work side by side to support a larger purpose, good things happen. To build a vibrant tech ecosystem, we need strong partnerships between government, business and education. Working in concert, we can help southeastern Wisconsin prosper and grow in a digital future. The Milwaukee Hour of Code challenge is an easy way to come together around the common goal of exposing more youth to the in-demand field of computer science. It also shows students that there is a community invested in their development and that there is a place for them in our region.

Other Benefits

  • NEWaukee’s team will work towards getting publicity around this collaborative event. We’re also happy to work with your Communications teams.
  • The national organization has said they would be happy to highlight Milwaukee’s challenge and successes in their social media efforts.
  • We can provide tips on how you can plan for a successful event (e.g., things to think of, what has worked well, etc.)

How can you participate?

Round up your Girl Scout troop, connect with a local Boys & Girls Club, recruit your child’s school or just plan a playdate with your kids and their friends to take part in an Hour of Code. It’s easy to do and you don’t need to be a professional coder to make it happen. You can sit down with a kindergartener or high schooler. offers a wide range of tutorials for kids of all ages, and tutors of all expertise (or lack of expertise) levels.

Spread the word to your teams, Slack channels, Employee Resource Groups, and overall networks. Make it a team activity; it’s your choice. We’ll start the clock at 6:00am on December 9 and close it out at midnight on December 15 to tally hours.

Milwaukee's Hour of Code

12:00AM - 11:59PM

Monday, December 9, 2019

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