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MKE Food School | Heaven's Table BBQ

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During this session, we’ll be talking with Chef Jason Alston, owner of Heaven’s Table BBQ! He’ll talk about his restaurant and takeaway BBQ options for any of your Labor Day plans.

The MKE Food School is a center for learning, innovation, community-building, and resource-sharing. We’re working with people that grow, harvest, sell, deliver, prepare, eat, write, and talk about food because we want to create the space for an inspired and inclusive conversation around Milwaukee’s community table.

During this time of virtual connection, the MKE Food School is partnering with NEWaukee’s Cloud Café to bring you a series of micro-lessons, sponsored workshops, and online conversations that have been thoughtfully designed for people who love to eat and like to learn. All are welcome.

About Chef/Owner Jason Alston:

Jason Alston
What started off as me loving to watch my Uncle and GrandDad grill has turned into a passion that I hope to pass down to my son. Heaven's Table started off as a vision years ago, and I could remember the first time I tried to smoke meat. It was a hot June day, 7 years ago, I had no knowledge of how to start a fire or how to temp for doneness. By the time the meat was done it tasted like tree bark.

I was determined to get better, so I began to read books and learn from trial and error. I began to improve more and started selling dinners out of my mother’s house for people to try, even then having a vision of it being bigger than that.

My ultimate test would come from BBQ competitions. The first one I ever entered I won first, my intentions were never to win but to gauge my craft and meet those at the top and pick their brains. So from a vision to hard work, faith, and sacrifice dreams are manifested and I present you mine... Heaven's Table!

MKE Food School | Heaven's Table BBQ

12:00PM - 01:00PM

Thursday, August 20, 2020

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