Hawthorne Coffee Roasters

Milwaukee Tour (for Milwaukeeans!) – August 24

Presented with Urban Milwaukee

Event Details:

Feel like Milwaukee’s small? Maybe too small? Well then, come get lost with us on our city’s further south side and open up what you think is possible in our city. 

A highlight of last year’s tour season was our MKE NW tour, which featured amazing stops throughout Milwaukee’s expansive northwest side. This summer, we’re doing that tour’s companion piece — a route/itinerary exploring Milwaukee, south of Oklahoma Ave and beyond. 

Join Milwaukee storyteller Adam Carr for a tour that stretches the limits of his expertise and visits all new stops for this tour series. This one promises to include spaces and stories that are beautiful, evolving and/or open.

We will make multiple stops, including markets, delicious snacks and a little bit of walking, so be prepared for all three. Stops subject to change!


Begin: Begin at Hawthorne Coffee Roasters
•Tip: Arrive a bit early and grab a delicious and/or energizing drink before we go
Stop 1: Tour of Native Wellness Garden
•A unique/tranquil/tucked away sanctuary run by Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center
Stop 2: Garden District tour with Terry Witkowski
•Recently retired alderman gives a mini-neighborhood tour of the Green Corridor
Snack: August Sweets
•Neighbor/bakeress Angela Steinkamp provides mouthwatering sweets, including some with honey from the Garden District
Stop 3: Poke around at Parkside Community Art Market 
•This community-powered market will include art, artists, produce, pet treats, local goods and more
Stop 4: Surprise stop!
Stop 5: Snacks and plane-watching at Mitchell Airport Park
•Snacking on fresh produce and delicious local delicacies while hoping a plane flies over
Stop 6: Explore Country Lion Antique Mall
•Troves and troves of antiques/collectibles/curious in a former Gardetto’s production facility

Milwaukee Tour (for Milwaukeeans!) – August 24

01:00PM - 04:30PM

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Sign Up: $30


4177 S Howell Ave