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Own Your Career: How To Move Ideas and Yourself Forward Without Breaking (Too Much) China


Join leadership and organizational expert, Anna Oakes, for this session to spend time considering:

  • How to think and work like an INTRApreneur (seriously, why should ENTREpreneurs have all the fun?)
  • The value to you (yes – what you want matters!)
  • The value to the organization (required)
  • Ways to use your time, talents, and voice for work that excites you and maximizes your impact to your organization (if you’re going to work, you might as well make it awesome!)
  • “Live coaching” / Q&A (yes – free coaching!)

About Anna Oakes

Anna Oakes
Anna Oakes is a consultant, coach and caretaker of humanity. She combines her love for humanity with her 20+years of corporate experience and over 4 years as an entrepreneur, as a leader, coach and strategic business advisor. Anna and her team is currently focusing their work on INTRApreneurs, those change makers/innovators who choose to work within organizations. She's currently writing a book to help INTRApreneurs maximize their impact in their role and organization, while helping organizations lead and leverage this valuable resource well. Anna gave her first TEDx in April of 2019 to help you leverage your current role to get to your best next.

You can catch her on social media, their team site and her weekly podcast, Build High Performing Teams.

mentorSHOP with Anna Oakes

12:00PM - 01:00PM

Friday, July 17, 2020

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