Travel may not be advised during a pandemic, but making use of vacation time definitely is.

The end-of-the-year holiday season is almost upon us – a time when, usually, many employees are requesting PTO. But this year, holiday celebrations might look a little different.

Some of your employees who would normally be traveling to visit family, may instead be making the difficult choice to cancel plans or celebrate over Zoom instead.

For some, what is often a time of joy and celebration may feel tough or even emotionally draining.


So, how can you support your employees during this last stretch of 2020?

1. Create space for authentic connection. Provide space for employees to share or not to share. This doesn’t mean trying to “fix” any discomfort they have – it simply means providing opportunities to connect and listen empathetically.

2. Manage the controllables. When we begin to feel helpless and panicked, we just need to look around and see what is within our reach and our control. One of the most important controllables is making space for celebrating wins. Highlight a project completed, a team success or an impact you are making.

3. Communicate what’s changing. Be transparent and authentic, and your employees will appreciate it. Make change the normal, not the new. While priorities may continue to shift – you are already adjusting and have done so in the past.

4. And communicate what’s staying the same. Emphasize continuity, especially as it relates to your organization’s core mission, vision and values.

5. And lastly, encourage employees to take time off. We all want to move into 2021 with renewed energy, focus and optimism. Remind your employees to use PTO and if you can, buffer holidays with flexible hours or extra days off for real rest.


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