Paloma Medina, owner of 11:11 Supply and a public speaker on topics from equity to inclusion, has brilliantly outlined the core needs of employees in her BICEPS model. As we reflect on employee departures we’ve seen over the years, it’s clear that there are always gaps in one or more of these core needs.

Your goal is not 100% retention.

Not all turnover is bad. There are plenty of times when a role, priorities or skills may shift out of alignment. Great managers cannot get so distracted trying to fix and retain problem performers that they miss the warning signs from top team members.

Your goal is to understand the importance of each of these core needs (and how things are stacking up!) for each of your team members.

Our Retention Checklist covers 6 key areas: Belonging, Improvement/Progress, Choice, Equality/Fairness, Predictability and Significance. After completing the checklist, checkmarks will show individuals as having a low, moderate or high risk for retention, with actionable steps for each outcome.

Feel free to add additional checkboxes specific to your own environment. For example, if the team member is making steady contributions in Git not just by volume but by complexity and value.


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