Northwestern Mutual

Attracting Top Talent to a New City


Northwestern Mutual was facing challenges in attracting executive level candidates to the area and keeping them long term.


After meeting with Northwestern Mutual relocation specialists and executive recruiters to review strategies already in place, NEWaukee was hired to design an exclusive, holistic relocation program customized for executive level candidates and their trailing partners.


NEWaukee’s Concierge Service allowed for the creation of customized tours and integration plans based on the executive candidate’s interests, wants, and needs. By conducting pre- and post-surveys, NEWaukee was able to learn about each candidate personally and tailor each experience specifically to them. Tours included sightseeing of Milwaukee’s attractions as well as visits to neighborhoods in which the candidate might want to live. To create a more holistic experience, the service was also offered for the candidate’s trailing partner and they were given the opportunity to stay involved with NEWaukee during their move and throuaghout the relocation process to help them acclimate.


Because of the personalized and intimate nature of this service, candidates felt more comfortable and knowledgeable about making the decision to relocate to Milwaukee. Dozens of executive-level candidates have participated in the Concierge Service, with a very high rate of success since its creation.

Out of those who have gone on NEWaukee’s tour and received a job offer, 100% have accepted. There has been a 95% retention rate for those candidates who have utilized NEWaukee’s integration services.

“My time with your team was the most authentic hiring experience I’ve ever been a part of.” – VP, Business Development at Northwestern Mutual

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