You’ve done the work to secure the very best and brightest talent. They have access to your company culture, your leadership and your workplace. But do they have access to what Milwaukee has to offer? As they grow in their careers, will they decide to choose Milwaukee? NEWaukee’s Summer Intern Program is a turnkey solution for local employers eager to create unique community-based employee engagement experiences.

Whether it is a token of gratitude for your intern’s hard work or simply a way to connect them to an exclusive network of other area professionals, the NEWaukee Summer Intern Program exposes an employee cohort to all that Milwaukee has to offer through social and vibrant experiences. The NEWaukee Summer Intern Program begins and culminates with an engagement survey that assesses the attachment your employees have to the city and the company.

Based on the cohorts interests, a curated series of programs are developed around existing or custom NEWaukee events. At each program, the intern cohort receives a private invitation and a VIP experience that gives them access to something otherwise inaccessible to the general event attendee.

NEWaukee’s Program Offering:

World’s Largest Intern Mixer:
A social networking event that connects Milwaukee companies intern cohorts at the beginning of the summer in an interactive networking and community showcase event. The program features food and beverage from local restaurants, live DJ, unique community resources, dynamic ice breakers and area executives intended to integrate a new intern to what the city has to offer.
Date: June 6, 2019 from 5:30 – 8:00PM
Location: Great Hall at Best Place
Cost: $25 per intern

Hop Trot:
An interactive tour of the city of Milwaukee via the new street car – The Hop. Participants will board the Hop from various locations and when they arrive a particular stations, exit to find a local speaker, musician, food and beverage experience. The program will host multiple area companies and serve as a networking as well as a community orientation experience.
Date: July 24, 2019 from 5:30-8:00PM
Location: Downtown Milwaukee
Cost: $35 per intern

ChooseMKE Package:
A series of four intern VIP experiences throughout the summer, selected from NEWaukee’s summer lineup. Interns have a chance to experience multiple events and areas of the city through tours, parties and networking activities. This can include the programs listed above and/or some of NEWaukee’s public summer events.
Date: TBD by company
Location: Various
Cost: $150 per intern

Custom Intern Experiences:
Do you like the style of NEWaukee’s programming, but want something entirely exclusive for your intern cohort and employees? We’re here to help create something truly magical for your team. Simply contact us for a custom quote.

Sign Up Your Intern Cohort Today!
Each of the activities listed above can be registered for individually. The pricing below reflects the cost per intern for the surveys, customized invitations, event logistics and promotional efforts. To secure your intern cohort’s spot in the NEWaukee Summer Intern Program, please contact us today.


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