As part of our annual practice of reflection and intention setting, we each select a “word of the year” that becomes our personal ethos for the following 12 months – a word to guide us as we make all of our decisions.

NEWaukee team members with their words

Our 2020 words included “transformation”, “empowered”, “mindfulness” and more. Whether it meant putting away devices during team meetings or thinking up new ways to present content, we each took daily actions to manifest our intentions and grow professionally.

In the fall of 2019, we also incorporated this practice as an activity during our Northern Pike retreat with nearly 50 entrepreneurs, creatives and community leaders. It was inspiring to hear a large group of people talk so openly and honestly about their intentions. The selected words generated amazing conversations in which participants offered advice, commiseration and words of encouragement.

Northern Pike participants with their words

But it’s not enough just to select these words. Throughout the year, we make an effort to hold one another accountable. We meet with one another to talk about our word of the year and whether we feel we are truly embodying its meaning.

Many people like to set New Year’s resolutions: Read more, get more exercise, eat healthier, learn a new skill, grow your network, save money, etc. However, these resolutions can be difficult and frustrating to keep track of.

Having a single word in your mind as a driving force can be a simple yet empowering method to achieve your goals, all year long.

So, as we enter 2021, what’s your word?


Written by Wyatt Tinder, Communications & Design Director

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