NEWaukee’s Frequently Asked Questions

What is NEWaukee?

NEWaukee is an agency with over a decade of experience in creating transformational programming and brand engagement.

What does NEWaukee do?


We help brands build belonging by creating events that matter (in-person and virtually), train leaders with engagement best practices, and develop marketing strategies to meaningfully connect with their audiences. 

Is NEWaukee a non-profit? A young professionals organization?

No, NEWaukee is not a non-profit or a “young professionals organization.” NEWaukee is an agency that provides event, engagement and marketing services to brands.

Can I hire NEWaukee to help my business?


Absolutely! Contact us today, and let’s set up a meeting to talk through your goals.

What does NEWaukee mean? What does the “NKE” stand for?


Our name comes from our history. NEWaukee began in 2009 by a group of friends hosting gatherings for people new to the city of Milwaukee. “NEW” and “Milwaukee” = “NEWaukee!”

Who is behind NEWaukee?


NEWaukee is led by co-founders Angela Damiani and Jeremy Fojut. The NEWaukee team is small but mighty – get to know us here!

What is the NEWaukee Night Market?

NEWaukee’s Night Market is a free, outdoor event showcasing a variety of local Milwaukee vendors, performers, and artists. Held monthly during the summer, the Night Market transforms the heart of downtown into an exciting fusion of all the city has to offer. Learn more at

What is YPWeek?

YPWeek, a NEWaukee initiative started in 2012, is a conference for discovery, adventure and meaningful conversations about the issues that matter among young people. Learn more at

What is Newance?

Newance, a NEWaukee sister company, offers talent strategy consulting, recruitment and experience based offerings to engage recruits and employees. Newance works with growing companies from early stage to venture and beyond to solve their technical and highly skilled talent challenges, and they offer over a decade of experience in building high performing agile teams. Learn more at

What is Rev Collective?

Rev Collective, a NEWaukee sister company, is a women’s membership organization with an emphasis on peer accountability groups. Rev Collective curates collectives of like-minded women and nonbinary individuals with similar career ambitions to address the opportunity gap that still exists for these professionals. Learn more at

Can NEWaukee give a workshop or talk at my school/company?

Absolutely! Contact us today for scheduling and rate information.

I’d love to pick your brain about my upcoming event, workplace culture, engagement strategy, etc.

We’re so glad to hear you’re interested in implementing NEWaukee’s strategies. The next step would be to contact us for a brief meeting to learn more about your goals, after which we can develop a custom consulting arrangement.

You can also take a look at the articles and resources on our blog that can help tide you over until you’re ready to embark on a project with us.


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