Where do you work and what makes your role awesome?
I work at the Harley-Davidson Motor Company as a development employee in the marketing space. What does that really mean? It’s a three year program that rotates you every six months throughout different departments and teams, owning high impact projects based on business needs. This program provides experiences that are truly one-of-a-kind. They are challenging, inspiring and educational. Not to mention you are working alongside amazing people, who are helping guide you in a space you may be completely unfamiliar with, but they also give you the floor to flex your own muscles. Currently, my role is working on launching new product to our dealer network. Specifically, our electric vehicle LiveWire. This specific role is something I will never forget. Walking with our heritage brand into a new space with a new product has been a privilege.

And as for the product, it’s incredible. If you don’t have your motorcycle license now, I would highly recommend you get it before this bike hits the market.

What do you love most about MKE?
I’m picking two because I can’t decide between them.

1. I love that Milwaukee is small enough to hug as a city. What I mean by that is that everything and everyone are accessible. If I am interested in a particular topic or group, I can easily navigate my way through our city’s network to get connected.

2. Milwaukee neighborhoods are amazing. Each part of the city has its own story of how it came to be and where it is now, which then creates these unique neighborhood personas and vibes. Makes for a fun exploration trip any day of the week.

What local restaurant is at the top of your list?
Odd Duck any day of the week. The food is always impeccable. I have never had a dish I didn’t like. Also, the restaurant ambiance and staff is beyond charming, and it’s universal. I have been there with colleagues, first dates, to catch up with girlfriends and anniversaries, all different groups but the environment has always been able to cater to any outing.

What is your biggest hope for this city?
There is no doubt that the people of Milwaukee are committed to making this city a place that you want to work, play, and live in, no matter who you are or where you come from. I hope in our ambition to reinvent this city we don’t become fixated with the lure of sparkly and new, and overlook the social issues that still impact our friends and neighbors. These issues need to be addressed proactively, and with tenacity.

What does your ideal MKE weekend look like?
My ideal weekend would be waking up early Saturday morning to run along the lake, then heading to the South Shore Farmers Market to pick up local produce and treats. Followed by an evening with friends, hopping around town for food and drinks. Sunday would include brunch, a motorcycle ride and a Packer game.

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