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NEWaukee designs memorable in-person experiences that create a beacon of belonging inside the communities and companies we work with.

We call our collective method “social architecture” – the conscious design of an environment that encourages the desired range of social behaviors leading toward a goal. Through our programs and initiatives, we motivate participants to look critically at the place in which they live, to realize its potential and to empower folks to shape their own community.

This practice requires sincere thoughtfulness about inclusion and deep investment in network development prior to the production of a new program or initiative. The result of this style of work allows for meaningful buy-in from key constituents. Whether it’s engaging a specific demographic, attracting new employees, creating deeper engagement with constituents or driving new and innovative ideas, NEWaukee’s unique method has a proven track record of success.

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The NEWaukee Team

Angela Damiani

CEO & Co-Founder

Jeremy Fojut

CIO & Co-Founder

Nicole Behnke

Client Experience Manager

Rita DeMerit

Director of Events

Wyatt Tinder

Communications & Design Specialist

Amanda Daering

CEO at newance

Michael Marten

Lead Photographer & Videographer

Claire Neville

Communications & Events Intern


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